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About the Company

Established in 1983,
Creative Automation Solutions is an engineering firm consisting of mechanical, electrical, and computer science professionals. We provide engineering design and system integration, factory Industrial Automation and machinery design and fabrication, Office Automation, Information Technology and software development, as well as consulting services to a variety of industries in both the U.S. and International markets.

Our Philosophy

Creative Automation Solutions is committed to providing superior products and services to meet today’s computerized automation needs, and implementing the right automation solutions for you and your organization.

Engineering Awards

Our team members have been awarded several patents for their designs. Vendor of the Year award from Lockheed-Martin



Baltimore Engineering Society

Instrument Society of America

Green Industry

Tree Care Industry Association

International Society of Arboriculture


Industrial Automation Services

Our team of electrical, electronic, mechanical and chemical engineers are dedicated to the design and fabrication of automation equipment and industrial control systems. The diversification of talents in this team allows us to be creative and competitive in the many and varied fields of industrial process control and machine automation.


Office Automation, IT, and Computer Services

Our Information Technology experts can assist you in developing and managing your computer inventory and software portfolios; assist with strategic technology planning and implementation within your budget.

Our staff of network engineers and software specialists offer complete turn-key solutions and specific services to meet your needs. We offer on-site installation and/or reconfiguration of all your office computer equipment. We also provide installation and custom training services in the use of various software products.



We serve the "Green" industry in North America and other Commonwealth countries with our family of Commercial and Green Asset Inventory Manager office automation products and related office automation services.

The ArborSoftWorx family of software products is specialized for Arborist, Tree Care, Urban Forester, Landscape, Lawn Care, and Pest Control professionals. These powerful easy-to-use, feature rich database software applications satisfy the Green Industry's unique office and field automation, data collecting, and reporting needs.

ArborSoftWorx has found a home with organizations both small and large throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.



Tree Care Industry Association
International Society of Arboriculture
Society of Municipal Arborists
Society of Commercial Arborists
Mid Atlantic Chapter ISA
Penn-Del Chapter ISA
Maryland Arborists Association

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Industrial Automation Services

Serving diversified industries including:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech equipment designs and controls
  • Metals: Steel Mill, Aluminum extrusion, and Copper anode processes
  • Materials handling, Palletizing and Conveying
  • Masonry automation and field testing
  • Mail Sorting equipment design, fabrication, control and Data Acquisition
  • Waste Water and Pumping processes
  • Assorted manufacturing control systems design
  • Government secure facilities maintenance
  • Skill sets including:

  • Consulting Engineering
  • Custom Machine/Equipment/WorkCenter mechatronics and manufacturing systems engineering including: design, AutoCAD documentation, fabrication, installation and on-site training
  • Machine/Process control systems engineering including: design, AutoCAD documentation, control panel fabrication, installation and field testing.
  • PLC and PC control systems design and programming
  • Custom Printed Circuit Board design and fabrication
  • Equipment Modification, Rebuilding and Refurbishing.
  • Clients

    ALCOA ALUMINUM, Halethorpe Extrusions

    Supply and integrate controls upgrade on two 11,000 ton aluminum extrusion presses and associated material handling and heating systems using a MODICON 984-785 PLC, MODBUS+ peer-to-peer PLC communications network, multiple NEMATRON AT (C++ coding) color graphics operator interfaces, to a NOVELL LAN and file server to provide data communications between factory floor and office.

    Automation of "Lyophilization" pharmaceutical process equipment using NEMATRON AT (PASCAL coding) color graphics operator interface host computer and ACROMAG single point digital and analog I/O system. Control of vacuum, refrigeration, hydraulics, fluid transfer systems, and analysis equipment.

    Field testing, servicing, and product improvement designs and methods for robotic construction material handling system.

    Instructor for Industrial Electronics, PLCs, Drives and Process Control.
    Department of Commerce, BUREAU OF THE CENSUS

    Machine controls for the Census 2000 mail sorting machines. Design and implementation of PC based machine control system on a TCP/IP network developed in C++. Management of machine electrical re-design, board level designs and overall systems development and integration. Development and implementation of operator and maintenance training, and user/operator documentation. CAS was a 1998 recipient of the Lockheed-Martin Vendor of the Year Award.

    Custom parts assembly machine design and fabrication for the Israeli Government.

    Custom machine design and controls for materials production.

    Copper foundry process control upgrades using existing MODICON 584 programmable controller and multiple DC drives to position anode molds, weigh and pour the molten copper, and control the anode off-loading to tank bath for cooling and then removal.

    Turret lathe computerization, utilizing HMI operator interface and Single Board Computer and OPTO-22 I/O.
    DYNEX (formerly Dynatech Laboratories)

    Biotech and pharmaceutical process machinery controls for liquid dispensing applications using OMRON, MODICON, A-B or TI PLCs.

    Machine controls for the transport and filling of food and beverage container process using A-B, MODICON, and/or SIEMENS PLCs.
    Biotech and pharmaceutical process machinery controls for filling MicroTiter trays using A-B and TI PLCs.

    Tire testing equipment controls including data acquisition and operator interfaces. Control of multi-axis hydraulic servo system for force/load, position and velocity of tire/road simulators.
    C.M. KEMP Co
    U.S. patent accepted for design of ASME code pressure vessel used for fluid stream drying systems, normally compressed air. Prototype design, construction and functional testing. Productizing of prototype including aluminum castings design and vendor selection, establishment of machining specifications, component and system fabrication methodology, ASME testing and sign-off, and production test methods established for this product. Dedicated board level control system design and integration.

    Waste water treatment plant process controls programming using ALLEN-BRADLEY 3/10 PLCs and IDT color graphic operator interfaces.

    Conversion and upgrade of palletizer and feeding/staging conveyors controls from SIEMENS S-3 to MODICON 984-680 PLC system
    Design, construct, and test control system for "Mechatronically-Assisted Mason's Aid" (MAMA) for International Masonry Institute and the Army Corps of Engineers CERL. Patent accepted.
    Control of component assembly machinery using A-B 5/12 PLC to pick-and-place and sense parts for US Bureau of Engraving.
    Control systems and operator interface for robotic material handling equipment, and metered dispensing of a radio-active cancer serum. Control systems provide complete materials handling from vile picking, dispensing and filling to capping. System resides in a sealed lead-lined containment vessel.

    Design and construct sequential spot welding machinery for assembly process, controlled utilizing TI PLC, stepper motor, weld package interfaces, and pneumatics. Design and construct rotary welders for radial joining of parts. Design and construct a fully automated, temperature controlled, assembly chamber with conveyors, pick and place mechanisms, spot welding, pneumatics, HVAC controls, stepper and synchronous motors and motion controls using Allen-Bradley PLC and operator interface.
    Plastic extruder controls for DC motor drives, transfers, cooling baths, and cut-to-length machinery. Multi-loop PID controls.
    Design and implement automated vial filling machine controls for biotech and pharmaceutical reagent product metered dispensing systems using Allen-Bradley or TI PLCs.
    TELSTAR S.A., Spain
    Lyophilizer equipment mechanical and electrical design and integration of PC-based "CompuDry" (PASCAL coding) lyophilizer controls meeting FDA GMPs and European standards for resale.
    USIFROID SA, France
    Pharmaceutical/biotech lyophilizer installation, CGMP validation and customer service for DuPont, Monsanto, Scherring-Plough and others.
    Waste water treatment plant controls, boiler feedwater pump control and alarm annunciation using A-B PLCs.
    Design and construct fixturing equipment and controls for 1 ton railroad car components to be welded by robot. Sense/Control part positioning, weld robot communications interface, operator interfaces, hydraulic systems, and alarms using MODICON 984 PLC.
    W.R. GRACE
    Automate crystal growing process and integrate ph controls.

    Office Automation Services

    Custom Software Design and Development

    Creative Automation Solutions software design specialists have extensive experience in a variety of coding languages, Visual Programming and Object Oriented Programming in both real-time and batch mode processing using: Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual C, Visual Basic, and more. Databases are designed to fit your business/industry needs using the latest tools and databases including MS Access, SQL Server. Sybase, Oracle, Interbase, and more...

    Systems Auditing

    Our strategic systems audit will provide the baseline for present security and configuration issues and will lay the groundwork for future expansion. Recommended prior to any upgrade or implementation – or for peace of mind – this comprehensive survey and analysis will touch on every component of your infrastructure to ensure all devices are in good health, functioning optimally and securely, determine how near capacity you are, and ensure you are in good standing with Industry Association standards.

    Microsoft Windows Domain Installation and Support

    Our Microsoft Certified Professional Engineers are certified in and provide expert service, support, installation and migrations of the following platforms:

  • Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008, including
  • Microsoft Active Directory design and implementation
  • Windows 2000, XP and Vista client support
  • Messaging & Collaboration Services

    Microsoft Exchange Server provides industry standard email, calendar, and contact services and is the foundation for efficient office and client communication in business. Our Certified Engineers plan, implement, migrate and troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Server to ensure you stay current and do not experience interruption in vital communication.

    Mobile Computing Solutions and Remote Access

    Empowering employees with mission critical data while in the field saves time and increases efficiency. Laptops, Tablet PCs and PDA’s can be configured for secure live access to office data or provisioned to carry encrypted synchronized data, and Virtual Private Networks are a cost-effective method of securely sharing live data between multiple sites. Each businesses needs are different and we will design a solutions custom tailored for you.

    Disaster Recovery Planning

    Hurricanes, lightning strikes, inconsistent power and floods will destroy the equipment holding your vital data. The best way to ensure your business continues without interruption in the event of a disaster is to have a well engineered and closely monitored backup solution. We will design, implement and monitor a backup solution to ensure that you are prepared if the worse happens.

    Advanced SPAM & AntiVirus Solutions

    Email and Internet viruses wreak havoc on a data network in a variety of ways ranging from compromising your data to executing illegal activities from your Internet connection. Stopping these malicious entities before they strike is crucial. Let our experienced engineers ensure your business is not at risk with our Advanced SPAM and AntiVirus Solutions.

    3rd Party Vendor Coordination

    Dealing with multiple Technology vendors is a confusing, time-consuming task and it is hard to be certain you are getting the best for your business. We have extensive experience dealing with Internet Service Providers, Wireless Carriers and Manufacturers on our Client’s behalf, and our only commitment is to ensuring you have the best solution for your needs.